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Diablo influenced farming and building game gets huge new update

Combining Diablo 4 style combat with Stardew Valley's crafting and farming, Len's Island is out on Steam and just got a massive update.

Diablo influenced farming and building game gets huge new update: A faceless man in winter clothing, holding a stone hammer, from Len's Island.

Len’s Island draws from a large number of influences. It’s an open world dungeon crawler, with shades of Diablo 4 and Hades in its combat and exploration. It’s also a farming, crafting, survival, and building game that draws on the design lessons of everything from Stardew Valley and Rust to Palworld and Terraria. The game’s been available in Early Access since November 2021, garnering an 86% or Very Positive user rating over that time and steadily moving toward its final version’s launch. Now, with its huge new Frozen Lands update, that time is drawing nearer, and there’s plenty to check out while waiting.

The latest Len’s Island update brings a ton of new features and activites to the open-world game. Frozen Lands, which will be the penultimate major update before Len’s Island’s final launch, is themed, as you might expect, around a frosty new territory. It adds in a whole new area to the game’s open world map that includes icy caves and forts, vendors with new types of equipment and items on offer, new quests, and new animals to hunt or, in the case of red pandas, tame.

Frozen Lands includes four extra dungeons, each with their own enemy types and bosses, Japan inspired weapon classes and armor types, such as a Katana class and samurai armor sets, and arctic themed resources to collect and crops to grow. There are also new rewards to receive from the expansion’s additional quests and an arctic town to upgrade.

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Len’s Island will increase in price after this week as it approaches the end of its Early Access period and the launch of its full version. Check out Len’s Island on Steam right here.

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