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Amazing new Lethal Company mod adds the most dangerous enemy possible

Forget Forest Keepers and bunker spiders, a brilliant and somewhat evil Lethal Company mod has added a terrifying new menace - people.

A figure in a grey, enclosed mask, standing in front of a desert landscape, with blood on the sand.

Lethal Company isn’t short on enemies as, if you’ve played it, you and your teammates will know. But install Lethal Company’s new Crowd Control mod, and it won’t just be the monsters you have to worry about. Anyone watching will be able to sap your strength, freeze you in place, close the ship’s doors on you, and make your scrap-salvaging life a living hell.


If you’ve ever watched a zombie movie, or any kind of post-apocalyptic horror film, you know it’s never the monsters that are mankind’s worst enemies. It’s people that ruin things, and a new Crowd Control mod for horror-heavy multiplayer game Lethal Company is set to prove that.

Take the original the Dawn of the Dead. It had its initial wave of flesh-munching, but it was the living that remove the barriers and let the zombies pour back into the mall. And it was Flyboy’s refusal to give up was ‘his’ that got him killed. So with people added to the mix, Lethal Company’s salvage runs are set to get even more terrifying.

The mod is, of course, completely optional, people aren’t going to just barge into your vanilla game, Dark Souls invasion-style. But once installed, people can inflict various in-game effects, conjure up monsters and more.


Crowd Control 2.0 does offer plenty of positive options. If you’re watching someone play, you can click a button on the web interface to grant them more scrap. Is your favorite streamer running out of time to make their quota? Maybe some kind soul will hit the ‘Extend Deadline’ button. But let’s face it, if it came down to that or ‘Spawn Eyeless Dog’, which one would you press?

A panel showing various Lethal Company options for viewers - extend deadline, summon monster and so on.

As with other games supported by this tool, each action has a cost associated with it. If you want to interfere, you’ll need coins which you acquire through various means, tipping a streamer. The Lethal Company Crowd Control mod is out now, so go forth and be the absolute worst.

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