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All Lethal Company monsters and creatures and how to survive them

Lethal Company wouldn’t be nearly as lethal if it weren’t for these hostile monsters and passive creatures you can encounter in space.

One of the Lethal Company monsters, the Spore Lizard, opens its wide mouth, baring its sharp teeth.

What are all the Lethal Company monsters? Lethal Company is a survival game in which you must explore abandoned outposts across various moons, claiming any valuable loot and selling it for profit. Fail to meet your profit goal and you’re fired. It would be a pretty sweet gig, if not for the terrifying monsters waiting around every corner.

If you want to know more about the lifeforms you’ll meet in Lethal Company, you can scan them from a fairly safe distance and read up on them back at your ship. That said, you have to come into close contact with them to do that, which could be deadly. To prepare you for the terrifying creatures found in the space game, here is a list of all the Lethal Company monsters that can be added to your bestiary.

Two Manticoils fly above the player's head in Lethal Company.

All Lethal Company monsters

Here is every Lethal Company monster and its location:

Baboon Hawk

The Baboon Hawk is a terrifying-looking monster, with three beak-like horns on the front of its face with which it spears its prey. Large, red eyes are set above these horns, and, as suggested by its name, the rest of its body can be best described as a primate with wings. Baboon Hawks cannot fly, though, as their bodies are too big for their wings, so you only ever see them on the ground. Luckily, these terrifying creatures are generally passive unless provoked or in a large group, but you could try shouting at them using the in-game voice interactivity to scare them away.


Brackens might appear sweet but don’t be fooled, these terrifying humanoid creatures can kill you in an instant. Brackens only appear inside buildings, and can be heard walking around, but are usually spotted by their eyes glowing in the dark. The reason they appear innocent at first is that you can actually get quite close to them, and looking directly at them causes them to slink away in fear. This is the best way to get rid of them. Stare at them for too long though and they’ll get angry. Similarly, turn your back and they might grab you from behind and kill you with a deadly embrace. The best thing to do when you see one is to stay aware of where it goes and get out as soon as possible.

Bunker Spider

Perhaps one of the most horrifying monsters of Lethal Company, especially for arachnophobes, Bunker Spiders are large, almost human-sized spiders whose bodies fill an entire corridor. If you are caught off guard by one of these spiders and don’t have a weapon, all you can do is try to outrun it and get outside, but they do not stop hunting once they see you or if you touch their webs. Speaking of webs, seeing them is a clear indication Bunker Spiders are near, as is an open vent. Bunker Spiders can be killed with a shovel, but we recommend standing on a railing so they can’t reach you.

A swarm of circuit Bees around their hive in Lethal Company.

Circuit Bees

Found outside in small, spherical clusters around their hive, Circuit Bees can, thankfully, be seen from a reasonable distance and avoided. If you get too close to a Circuit Bee swarm you are electrocuted, which deals significant damage. You can get away from them, but stay too close for too long and their defensive attack will kill you.

When Circuit Bees are drawn away from their hive, the hive itself can be stolen and sold for a significant profit. Naturally, this is a very risky challenge. Once you have the hive, the bees won’t stop looking for it, so you’ll be lucky to get it back to the ship. If you do, keep the door shut at all times.


You’ll know a sinister-looking Coil-Head as soon as you see one, as they are quite literally a bloody, broken mannequin with their head attached by a spring. While the Coil-Heads might be some of the most dangerous foes if they get their hands on you, they’re actually fairly easy to escape if you’re in a crew. Looking directly at a Coil-Head causes it to freeze, so you can use this to your advantage while another player stuns it or escapes. That said, you might not be able to do much if one blocks your path, and your only option might be to sacrifice a teammate. If this happens and you get the chance to go back in, maybe don’t look at their body…

Earth Leviathan

The big one. The Earth Leviathan is perhaps the most boss-like creature in Lethal Company. The largest of any of the game’s entities, the Earth Leviathan is a long, worm-like creature that burrows underground before bursting out to eat its prey. You can escape it, but you must be aware of its movements by listening for it rumbling beneath your feet. While the leviathan is underground, simply run as fast as you can to the safety of your ship, maintaining a straight line where possible. The good news is that, if a Forest Keeper is also in play, the Earth Leviathan should eat that first, saving you from both monsters in one go.

The Earth Leviathan appears as the largest dot on the ship’s terminal, so if you have someone on watch, they should be able to instantly tell if one is on your tail.

The bestiary entry for the Lethal Company monsters Eyeless Dogs on the in-game terminal.

Eyeless Dog

The first thing to know about the Eyeless Dog is that they only appear outside after 6 pm, so our best advice is to simply get back to your ship before sundown. If you don’t and you hear a nearby growl, there’s probably an Eyeless Dog on the prowl nearby. True to their name, these clumsy creatures are blind, so you can avoid them by staying as quiet as possible and resisting the use of your microphone and walkie-talkies. Drop any heavy items once you hear them and attempt to sneak around them to get to your ship. If one comes for you, take advantage of its weakness by dodging out of its way. Close the ship door if you make it back as they can enter.

If you have a teammate at your ship and you’re in danger of becoming dog food, your teammate can order an item from the terminal. The delivery distracts the dogs so you can make your way to safety. Just make sure it’s something cheap, as you probably won’t be able to secure the goods.

A Forest Keeper looms outside the ship as a player goes to close the door.

Forest Keeper

The Forest Keeper is a large, Ent-like tree creature, and is very hostile. Fortunately, the Forest Keeper isn’t entirely unavoidable, and you can usually spot it before it spots you thanks to its large size. If you’re having trouble with the Forest Keepers on Vow, we have a guide on how to survive a Forest Keeper in Lethal Company.

Ghost Girl

Fans of Phasmophobia, just wait until you meet the Ghost Girl. The only unofficial Lethal Company creature around, the Ghost Girl can’t be scanned into the system, therefore she has no bestiary entry. All we know of the Ghost Girl, then, is what has been discovered by players so far.

Rather spookily, the Ghost Girl only appears to one member of the team at a time, which immediately starts to affect your sanity. If she appears, then you are her next target. The good news is that everyone else can continue looting as usual.

Initially, it seems the Ghost Girl has a period of haunting in which she isn’t an immediate threat, and will even go away temporarily if you look directly at her. After a period of playing with her food, the Ghost Girl begins her hunt, which can be determined by her skipping towards you, flickering lights, giggling, and heavy breathing sounds. Unlike any other Lethal Company monster, the Ghost Girl can leave a building and even follow you to the ship, so there’s little you can do if she is pursuing you. The best you can do is try and get to the ship and take off.

A cute hoarding bug with big red eyes looks at the player in Lethal Company.

Hoarding Bug

Cute little hoarding bugs are one of the more common creatures you’ll find roaming around inside. Their little red eyes and bulbous, insect-like bodies make them easy to identify. If you spot one on its own, it’s unlikely to attack you unless it wants something you’re carrying. If you’re feeling particularly cruel, this is the best time to attack it since it can be killed with a shovel, and getting the first hit in while it’s neutral gives you a head start.

Alternatively, you can outrun a Hoarding Bug that wants to take your scrap, or you can give it what it wants and it’ll probably leave you alone.

A green and blue blob, highlighted as a Hygrodere, one of the Lethal Company monsters.


This deadly, slimy blob is the only entity of its kind so far, and while it is slow, it’s incredibly dangerous if it traps you in a dead end. The Hygrodere follows a player, so someone else can lure it away if you’re playing in a team. Otherwise, just don’t come into contact with it and you’ll be fine, or jump onto railings to get around it if the option is there.

An incredibly important side note on the Hygrodere: play a boombox near one to watch it dance.


“You can’t hide from it, just evacuate” – the bestiary entry for the Jester says it all. This Jack-in-a-box on legs might look like a harmless toy, but it’s far from it, so don’t hang around to find out what happens if Jack pops out. If you start to hear the classic sounds of ‘Pop Goes The Weasel’, it’s already too late.


Manticoils are passive Lethal Company creatures and are found outside on most moons. They’re distinguished by their wings and small bodies (compared to other Lethal Company monsters). Since they are passive, there’s no need to worry about how to survive Manticoils in Lethal Company, as they simply fly off when you get close.

A swarm of Roaming Locusts in Lethal Company.

Roaming Locusts

Roaming Locusts, like Manticoils, are commonly found outside on most moons. They are also passive creatures and disperse when you walk through them, reassembling again nearby.

Snare Flea

The snare flea is a large-bodied insect that can climb walls and ceilings and hang from pipes and light fittings, so isn’t always immediately obvious. This is where it’s most dangerous, as walking below one causes it to drop onto you and begin to suffocate you. When attacked by a Snare Flea, you are effectively blinded as it wraps its body around your head and subjects you to a slow death. While you are being attacked by a snare flea, a friend can attack it with a weapon or you can leave the building (if you can find your way blindly) to kill it. Being teleported back to the ship also removes the Snare Flea.

One of the Lethal Company monsters, the Spore Lizard, opens its wide mouth, baring its sharp teeth.

Spore Lizard

The Spore Lizard is an inside critter, and it’s easily recognized from a distance thanks to its long body and the purple sphere on its tail. At closer look, the Spore Lizard has a large mouth with some pretty sharp teeth, so you might not want to get all that close. If you do, its teeth won’t be the first thing it attacks you with, as it sprays a poisonous gas to inflict damage first.


About as far from Thumper the adorable Bambi character as you could imagine, this legless creature is pretty much just a head with arms, and thus is also known as as Half. Thumpers only appear indoors and are pretty lethal, but luckily can be escaped due to their lack of hearing. If you see a Thumper, take advantage of this and get out of its line of sight.

Thumpers can be killed with a shovel, but they’re fast and dangerous when in pursuit so you should stun them first. Without a shovel, the best thing to do is run from them, leading them in a labyrinthine chase, as they are fast down corridors but not so hot on quick turns.

A Lethal company scan showing an item of interest, the ship, and circuit bees, some of the Lethal Company monsters.

How to scan Lethal Company monsters

You can scan your environment in Lethal Company by pressing the right mouse button, which highlights objects of interest and reveals creatures, transferring the information back to the terminal in your ship. If you’re playing with a controller, it’s the right bumper.

To scan Lethal Company creatures, you must be relatively close to them, so if you are scanning a shadow in the distance to no avail, you are likely not close enough – bad news if you’re looking at a particularly deadly monster.

Now you know all of the Lethal Company monsters, well, they probably won’t be any easier to survive, but at least you have a bit more information on just what that is that’s chomping down on you and all your valuable scrap. Monsters aren’t the only thing that can kill you in the hit multiplayer game, as steep drops, bodies of water, and even the weather should also be treated with care. Make sure you know how to carry metal in a Lethal Company lightning storm, for example, if you still need to make bank on a harsh day.