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How to carry metal in a lightning storm in Lethal Company

To make that cash in Lethal Company, you might have to carry something metal through a lightning storm, and it's as dangerous as it sounds.

How to carry metal items in a Lightning storm in Lethal Company: a player looks at the terminal in the ship.

How do you carry metal through a Lethal Company lightning storm? It’s a sensible question to ask – even if it’s asking for trouble. In this survival game, you are tasked with grabbing items and getting them back to your ship to sell them for cash. You’ve got limited time, so you might have no choice but to traverse through harsh conditions.

Once you’ve chosen which moon to land on in the space game, you must leave your ship in search of valuable goods – it’s your job to meet the company’s profit goals, after all. With a name like Lethal Company though, you know this game isn’t going to be easy. Not only may you need to get metal through a lightning storm, but you might also be asking how to survive Lethal Company Manticoils, among the many other creatures waiting for you when you land.

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Carrying metal items in a lightning storm in Lethal Company

To carry metal in a Lethal Company lightning storm, take it outside, drop it on the floor, and get a good distance away. Wait for lightning to hit, at which point you can pick it up again and try and get back to the ship. This lowers but doesn’t completely eradicate your chances of being struck by lightning.

It’s physics: lightning is attracted to metal, so there is always a risk that carrying metal goods through a lightning storm in Lethal Company could get you killed. Even following the procedure above, you could still get struck if enough time passes. Really, you should just avoid a lightning storm altogether if possible. As soon as a lightning storm hits, wait it out in the relative safety of your ship – but keep an eye on the door.

Either way, hopefully you stay alive long enough to hit your profit goal, especially if you brave a Lethal Company lightning storm to do so. If you struggle too much, you could take a break with one of the many other horror games or survival games available right now.