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How to survive Manticoils in Lethal Company

We’ve tangled with Lethal Company Manticoils to find out if the alien birds pose a threat, and if so, how to survive when they attack.

The VIP employee stands in the ship's bay, preparing to step outside and encounter Lethal Company manticoils.

How do you survive Lethal Company Manticoils? The various moons of Lethal Company contain all manner of strange critters, and it should come as no surprise that many of them can spell your end. The Manticoil is one such creature, and if you’ve spotted one looming overhead, you might be wondering how to survive if it attacks. Well, we’re here to give you all the reassurance you need.

Lethal Company is an overnight sensation, storming up the Steam top sellers list to sit comfortably alongside the best PC games. It’s been described as the new Phasmophobia, and has beaten Dead By Daylight’s player count via word of mouth alone. However, scavenging its distant moons is no easy feat, and that’s before you take into account the hostile flora and fauna. To that end, here’s how to survive when getting up close and personal with Manticoils in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company manticoils in the wild, flying overhead as the VIP employee looks on.

How to survive a Lethal Company Manticoil

You can survive Manticoils simply by going about your business, since they’re completely harmless and will not attack no matter how close you get to them – in fact, their first line of defense is to fly away at your approach.

As per the terminal’s bestiary, Manticoils “pose little threat and have a generally passive temperament towards humans.” Their main purpose is to bring a sense of atmosphere to the survival game’s otherwise desolate landscapes. While they can transmit rabies and other viruses, they cannot penetrate the protective layers of your suit, so there’s no need to panic when one is in the vicinity

That said, there’s no telling whether developer Zeekerss will expand the Manticoil’s capacity for harm over Lethal Company’s early access period, so be sure to check back ahead of any updates if you want to survive the horror game’s creatures.

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