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Leviathan Warships Jazz Boatman’s Jazz Boatmode reliably informs us we can’t marry a fish


I say “reliably”, we can’t verify Jazz Boatman is a trustworthy source of information – although he does provide the protip that boats can’t fly. I guess we can’t help it but trust a smooth-talking jazz man.

As well as the whole not marrying a fish thing we’re also told that a free update for Leviathan Warships has been released. One that adds the silky jazz tone from the trailers to the hardcore tactical action of the game.

The new mode adds Boatman as an in-game announcer and switches the soundtrack to a more jazzy tune.

Every game should have a Jazz Boatman endorsed Jazz Boatmode, it’d hook even the CoD audience.

Rob was quite taken with Warships when he reviewed it earlier this year. Though it was a little light on content.