Cities Skylines 2 publisher delays its new rival to The Sims

Cities Skylines 2 publisher Paradox is taking on The Sims at its own game, but the anticipated Life by You’s early access launch is delayed.

Life by You delayed: A young person from Paradox life game Life By You

The Sims, Will Wright and Maxis’ 2000 original, remains the funniest videogame ever made. It’s wonderful. It’s ground-breaking. 24 years later however, in the wake of The Sims 4, and ahead of The Sims 5 – also known as Project Rene – perhaps it’s time that another developer had a shot at perfecting the life sim genre. Paradox, the stalwart strategy game publisher behind Cities Skylines 2, Crusader Kings, Stellaris, and many more, is taking on The Sims with a new, hugely open, highly moddable take on the life simulation genre, Life by You. Originally expected to hit early access in the very near future, it’s just been delayed.

The Life by You release date was originally slated for September 2023, when the life game would enter early access. That date slipped to March 2024, but Paradox now says that additional time is required to improve the visuals and make human characters in Life by You look even better.

From what we’ve seen so far, the game looks like an extremely comprehensive life and building sim, allowing you to build homes, businesses, and towns, and guide your characters through a variety of career paths as well as relationships and starting a family. Life by You differs from The Sims insofar as it allows for real-language conversations – as much as we like Simlish, being able to fully understand the conversations between our characters will be fascinating.

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The Life by You early access release date is now set for Tuesday June 4. It’s not a big delay, and will hopefully provide the developers at Paradox with enough time to make what already looks like a very promising strategy and management game even better. Paradox wants Life by You to be completely open and easily moddable, so it’s likely to have a long lifespan. In that case, a couple of extra months feels like nothing.

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