Life by You release date, early access, trailers, gameplay, and news

Paradox Interactive and Rod Humble are back, so here's what you need to know about the Life by You release date, including early access, trailers, and gameplay.

Life By You release date: Two people hugging in a house while a child walks past.

What is the Life by You release date? If you’re a fan of The Sims, Second Life, and all things simulation, the recent Life by You reveal should be music to your ears.

Unveiled during the Paradox Interactive 2023 Announcement Show, Life by You appears to feature several life game hallmarks, including a variety of locations to explore, emotes and intricate character interactions, as well as some interesting home-building and design tools to play with. Here’s everything you need to know about the potential Life by You release date, trailers, gameplay, news, and more for what could potentially be one of the best PC games if it lives up to the hype.

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Life by You early access release date

The Life by You release date is September 12, 2023, launching in early access on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Life by You is currently available to pre-order on the Epic Games Store, but you can also wishlist it on Steam if you prefer. By pre-ordering, you can expect to receive the Life Begins pack pre-order bonus, which includes the Jumpstart Fashion and Walls to Floors Decor packs, as well as the Vintage Scooter vehicle. The first 100,000 players to will also receive an invite to a private Discord server.

The initial Life by You teaser trailer aired during Paradox Interactive’s announcement show on March 6, with the dedicated Life by You announcement event confirmed for March 20. This follow-up showcase revealed the Life by You early access launch date, allowing the community to help shape the life sim’s development ahead of its full release.

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Life By You trailers

The Life by You teaser trailer debuted as part of Paradox Interactive’s show, announcing the follow-up event dedicated specifically to the simulation game. This short clip blends in-game footage with some UI elements. Even though the trailer is short and sweet, there’s plenty to uncover.

The trailer opens by panning over a lush green environment where two figures can be seen hiking and doing yoga. This is your first glimpse at the world Life by You is set in. Throughout the teaser, a series of realistic locations are explored from a top-down perspective, including a town centre with a shop and bus stop, as well as residential suburbs and a beach, complete with watersports equipment and lazing punters. From the trees swaying in the wind to the waves coming to shore, Humble and co have grounded Life by You in an environment that imitates the real world.

Further in, multiple vehicles can be seen motoring along, most notably a pink car that races through the town center. Here, a bus and multiple motorcycles are also visible, indicating that players may get a choice of vehicles to use in Life by You, at least when they’re moving between locations.

Life By You release date: A person rummaging through a cupboard in a kitchen.

Another quick cut takes us to a home full of character interactions to pick apart. In the top left corner of the home, an adult character can be seen watering plants while a kid walks past the stairs. Most notably here, we can see two characters hugging with love heart motifs surrounding them, suggesting that Life by You may feature in-game relationship mechanics similar to The Sims.

Later in the trailer, we also see a figure washing (or maybe fixing)a kitchen appliance that looks like a microwave, suggesting that homes will be full of interactable tools for your simulated characters to tinker with.

The most interesting section of the trailer shows us what looks to be part of Life by You’s UI. We see the outside of a family home getting some speedy renovations, with a budget visible in the top right corner. Along the side screen, there are a large number of building icons, including a ‘floor plan’ node and symbols that indicate stairs, chairs, doors, windows, fences, roofs and more. It looks like players will be able to click on the many features of a house to modify them and move between its floors to decorate and change it.

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The Life by You announcement trailer launched as part of the announcement event, and showcased an expansive open-world in which different characters live out their lives. From regular household chores like cooking and doing laundry, to romancing each other and stumbling upon treasure on the beach, the world really does seem to be your oyster.

The trailer also featured some of the various shops that your characters can both visit and run themselves. There are sneak previews of various creator tools, including the Human Creator, Lot Creator, Town Creator, and more. Perhaps one of the biggest changes from its Sims counterpart is the ability to take direct control of your characters, allowing you to get up close and personal instead of directing them from a top-down perspective.

Life by You gameplay

On the surface, Life by You bears a strong resemblance to The Sims. It’s no wonder, considering the CEO of Paradox Tectonic is none other than Rod Humble, the previous executive producer and head of The Sims. Humble played a significant part in the production of The Sims 2 and 3, leaving in 2011 to be the CEO of Second Life, the avatar-focused free MMO. In 2019, Paradox Interactive announced that Humble would be taking on the role of head of Paradox’s Berkeley studio to work on a project we now know as Life by You.

Humble spoke to PCGamesN about his future projects back in 2020, saying, “We’re trying to make a very vast experience in which, hopefully, people will find and create beauty.” After the announcement trailer, it’s easy to see what Humble was pointing to when he gave that answer.

Life by You release date: Two characters in Paradox Tectonic's life sim conversing, shown as three separate dialogue options that can be selected and presumably alter the outcome of that conversation.

Life by You meets the classic life simulator criteria: create a human and watch them live out the life you shape for them. Perhaps you’d like them to settle down and start a family, or doggedly climb the corporate ladder? Whatever their path in life, they’ll undoubtedly need to interact with other people to make their dreams a reality. Conversations are more important than ever in Life by You, since they’re shaped by your chosen human’s personality and background – and their outcome will likely have some bearing on how the events of their lives play out.

The Life by You trailers are full of hints about what we might expect from your humans as they develop. They include snapshots of characters partaking in yoga and hiking, suggesting a wide variety of skills and personality traits are on offer in the Human Creator. The teaser trailer includes a character tinkering with a kitchen appliance, so we can safely assume that environments and items within households will benefit from your chosen skills.

Life by You release date: The design tools we can expect in Life by You, Paradox's upcoming life simulation game, featuring a colour wheel for customising bedroom furniture.

Speaking of homes, your humans will also need a place to live. Life by You comes furnished with a suite of design tools, though this doesn’t stop at interior decor. If you’re looking for a macro approach to housing development, you can rearrange and even demolish towns at your leisure. We’ve also spotted a range of locations available to players in the teaser trailer. What’s more, a car, bus, and motorbike shop point to the possibility of a more open-world take on the life sim genre. Life by You has already taken a monumental step ahead of The Sims with the promise of driveable vehicles, and no loading screens to interrupt your traversal of the sandbox game.

Life by You release date: A snapshot of the modding UI, allowing you to alter the interaction properties of a trash bin and other objects, with scripts and progression mods in a separate tab.

Paradox Tectonic has also confirmed dedicated mod support for Life by You, and promising a range of in-game creator tools and editors that allow players to create their own content and reshape the base game to their liking. Given that Sims 4 mods have successfully fostered an ongoing community almost a decade after its release, it stands to reason that Life by You will benefit from tapping the creative well of its own budding community.

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