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The maker of 2023’s most underrated shooter has a new game out now

Mixing Max Payne with Resident Evil 4, El Paso, Elsewhere was one of 2023’s most underplayed games, and the dev is back with something new.

New Steam horror game Life Eater: A man with a video camera in Steam horror game Life Eater

It was a busy 2023. Between Diablo 4, Starfield, Baldur’s Gate 3, Alan Wake 2, and Dead Island 2, not to mention the likes of Sea of Stars and Mortal Kombat 1, we had a lot to get through last year. If you didn’t find time for El Paso, Elsewhere, the deceptively simple slo-mo shooter that feels like a mix of Max Payne, Resident Evil, and Vampire The Masquerade, now might be a good time to dig it out on Steam and give it a try. Created by Strange Scaffold, it was one of the most underplayed and overlooked releases of 2023. Now the developer is back, with a new horror game you can get right this second.

This is Life Eater, a self-described ‘horror fantasy kidnapping simulator’ that’s just arrived on Steam. It shares a similar premise with 2018’s Feed Me Billy, the underground horror game from Stay Out of the House creator Puppet Combo. As the dutiful but largely reluctant servant to a mysterious old god, your job is to keep your infernal benefactor alive and gratified by steadily feeding it a supply of human flesh. Follow your neighbors, learn their routines, and execute the ‘perfect’ abduction to ensure your would-be savior never goes hungry.

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Is it right to kill all these people if it means saving the world? Will you ever be set free of your terrible work? Is the dark god you serve even real? It doesn’t matter. The authorities are sniffing around and your list of victims is long. You’d better get to work. El Paso, Elsewhere is a pretty strong calling card, but the soundtrack for Life Eater is composed by David Mason, who also wrote the music for superlative aquatic spookfest Dredge. With serious indie game pedigree and a smart concept, if you want to try Life Eater, you can get it today, right here.

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