Chloe can’t rewind time, but Life is Strange’s prequel still has “supernatural elements”

Life is Strange Before the Storm

While the protagonist of Life is Strange: Before the Storm doesn’t have any powers of her own, the game will still contain some supernatural elements, according to its lead writer.

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In an interview with IGN, lead writer Zak Gariss says that the supernatural wasn’t just tied to Max Cauldwell, the protagonist of the first game, but to Arcadia Bay itself.

“Arcadia Bay is a really surreal place. We’ve taken a lot of joy in going into that part of the world,” Gariss says. “Even though Chloe doesn’t have a supernatural power, the ways in which we are exploring what her life is right now definitely includes really strange and supernatural elements.”

Instead of being able to rewind time like Max, Chloe can use backtalk, which is a mechanic that allows her to interject conversations when she’s at her most angsty. Gariss says its the “ability to kind of push anybody’s buttons through a special dialogue mini-game to elicit the kind of behavior she wants from someone.”

While Gariss won’t say exactly how the supernatural works its way into the game, Before the Storm’s trailer gives a few hints. There’s a crow that follows Chloe around, much like the spectral deer that Max sees repeatedly throughout Life is Strange, and there’s a brief moment where Chloe seems to be reliving the death of her father.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm releases on August 31.