Life is Strange Episode 3 launches next week with some B&E


The dynamic duo of Max and Chloe — one can turn back time, the other has a hat — will soon be continuing their investigations into a missing chum and a weird tornado in the third episode of Life is Strange, Chaos Theory. 

Expect it next week. 

Chaos Theory sees the mystery pals breaking into Max’s boarding school after dark. Secrets will be uncovered, apparently, which seems par for the course in an adventure game, and time-warping Max will find a new use for her fancy powers.

Speaking from experience, it’s not all that hard to break into a school where you also live. It’s sort of like breaking into your kitchen. In my case, though, it was because we thought it would be hella cool to drink a cheap bottle of tooth-rot cider in a 200 year old library.

Chaos Theory launches on May 19th.