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How to restore Pine Heights in Lightyear Frontier

Cleaning up the gorgeous planet of Lightyear Frontier is one of your main tasks – here's how to make Pine Heights a bit more hospitable.

How do you clean up Pine Heights in Lightyear Frontier? Early on in this colorful sci-fi crafting and farming game, you’ll be presented with your second main task after finding all your mech parts: Restore Pine Heights. But other than a little blip in your journal, it isn’t exactly clear how you go about doing so or even where Pine Heights is located; however, we’ve got all you need to know to set you on the right track toward settling a relatively unsettled planet.

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a small puddle of purple slime in lightyear frontier

How to restore Lightyear Frontier Pine Heights

To restore Pine Heights in Lightyear Frontier you’ll need to seek out all of the Noxious Slime in the area.

Once you obtain all your base mech attachments and put together a little homestead, the journal entry to Restore Pine Heights will appear in the top left corner of the screen or in your journal (accessed from opening the inventory). This journal entry tasks you with restoring pine heights by cleaning up slime and weeds. You’ve likely already discovered Pine Heights in the northeastern part of the map. It’s an area with plenty of pine-like trees and steep cliff-like walls.

Here, you’ll find plenty of puddles of Noxious Slime on the ground but you likely won’t find any weeds. To clean these up, you’ll have to use the Vacuum Harvester to suck up water from a nearby pool or ocean; after that, switch to the Irrigation Hose attachment to wash away the Noxious Slime. There are plenty of small pools in Pine Heights to refill from.

At the top of the screen, a percentage toward restoration will gradually increase as you clean up the Noxious Slime. However, you may end up not being able to find any more slime while the journal suggests also cleaning up weeds. Other areas have Noxious Weeds to clean up but we did not find any in Pine Heights. Therefore, if your progress toward restoring Pine Heights is stalled, you likely missed a patch of Noxious Slime somewhere. Head up somewhere high and see if you can spot it from there.

That’s all you need to know for how to restore Pine Heights in Lightyear Frontier. The other areas of the game also require you to clean up Noxious Slime and Weeds, but you’ll need mech upgrades to be able to do so. For more games like Lightyear Frontier, take a peek at the best farming games on PC, and if farming isn’t your style, the best life games on PC may pique your interest more.