Games like Stardew Valley: seven alternatives to the famous farming sim

After a Stardew Valley alternative? Here are seven of our farming favourites for PC


Looking for PC games like Stardew Valley? There are few fantasies as enticing as the idea of simply leaving the world of work and offices behind and moving out to the country to do something simpler and more rewarding. It’s one of the things that makes Stardew Valley such an extraordinarily enjoyable game – it’s not just well made, it’s the perfect escapism.

That’s why, if you’ve already played the game, you might be on the hunt for games like Stardew Valley, after all, it’s always fun to play something different. Now, some of these games have a lot in common with Stardew Valley, some only have a little, but they all capture a similar feeling.

Whether it’s crafting, farming, or harnessing the freedom of the world and story. Games like Stardew Valley aren’t all that hard to come by, mainly thanks to games that have borrowed so much from the genre, but these are the best games like Stardew Valley you can play on PC.

Here are the best games like Stardew Valley:


Graveyard Keeper

Before you say anything, yes, farms and cemeteries are very different, we know. However, the management of both, at least according to Graveyard Keeper, is actually quite similar. You play as someone looking after a medieval cemetery, aiming to bump profits as high as possible and keep the dead where they belong.

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It’s also a love story too, so, you see, exactly like Stardew Valley. Also, it very proudly proclaims to be the “most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim” so that’s something to enjoy if you’d rather avoid the notion of historical accuracy in games.


My Time at Portia

Have you ever wanted to play Stardew Valley but in 3D? Well, that’s essentially what My Time at Portia is. You play as a character who has moved to take over a neglected workshop that was once owned by your family. It’s your job to help the townspeople by fixing things, growing crops, and raising farm animals. Aside from the addition of another dimension, My Time at Portia also has an interesting setting, what with it technically being set after an apocalypse.


Doraemon: Story of Seasons

Set in the world of Natura, your aim is to farm, meet new people, and get along with the odd robotic cat that is Doraemon. Story of Seasons is generally viewed as the successor to the Harvest Moon series, so it is just a very good farming game that also happens to have a robotic cat. It’s full of a deeply charming anime style, and is a lot of fun to play as well. You also get special advantages for befriending Doraemon too, in the form of gadgets that only a cat from the future could possess. It’s a little out there, but it’s hard to deny the appeal of this unique blend of anime and farming.


Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is secretly one of the best games from the last few years. It has a gorgeous style, an incredibly strange setting, and one of the most entertaining ways of interacting with the world to date. You play as Beatrix LeBeau, and your aim is to raise slimes from an infantile state and keep them happy and healthy. You can also cross-breed the slime to make things like exploding-flying slimes, and you do this while trying to solve a mystery a few light years away from Earth.

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The star of the show is your farming tool, a vacpack, which allows you to suck things up and spit them back out at force, it’s a blast to use and manages to remain exciting throughout the game.



Moonlighter is an action RPG, but one that has some roguelike elements. You play as Will, a shopkeeper that would much rather be out slaying monsters and saving the world than tending the shop. You spend your nights searching through dungeons for treasure, and you spend your days selling that treasure in your shop. You get to set the prices, decide if you want to run a sale, and generally try and build up your business. The best part is that both aspects of this game are a lot of fun, the combat is good, but the satisfaction of perfectly pricing a new item never gets tiring.


Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout

The Atelier games are a series that follow various alchemists as they go through their own adventures. This is perhaps the furthest away from our games like Stardew Valley vibe, but there’s a good reason it belongs here. This particular title follows Ryza, a talented and ambitious character who feels trapped in her sleepy town.

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Very early on you meet a master alchemist, and thus begin your journey into the world of chemical compositions and strange reactions. The crafting system in this game is incredibly deep, and it all ties into the battles as well, with items being a key part of each encounter. It’s fun, it’s easy on the eyes, and it’s anime as all hell.


World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn is the closest approximation of games like Stardew Valley on this list. You live in a small and ever-changing village as you look after your own farm and try and build up your farmhouse. There are loads of characters to meet, a wealth of things to do, and the changing seasons provides fresh gameplay. It’s incredibly charming, and the art style has a wonderful simplicity to it. It might not be the most unique game here, but if you’re looking for a game like Stardew Valley, no other game comes quite as close as World’s Dawn.

Upcoming games like stardew valley


What happens if you turn Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away into a game with Stardew Valley-inspired mechanics? Spirittea happens. This upcoming indie puts you in the shoes of a struggling writer who leaves the hustle and bustle of the city behind to move to the countryside to take over a bathhouse. The catch? Spirits haunt that bathhouse.

Alongside exorcising spirits, you’ll be tasked with keeping your bathhouse afloat financially. There’s plenty of downtime, though, so you can go and explore the town, meet the locals, and work on improving your haunted bathhouse. Spirittea is expected to launch on Steam Early Access in January 2022.

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