$4 million funding raised for LiquidSky, a cloud gaming platform that could fulfill the OnLive promise


LiquidSky, an on-demand gaming platform that lends you the computing power to stream any game to your mobile, tablet or desktop, has just raised $4 million in funding. 

Imagine playing our list of upcoming PC games on your past-it rig. 

LiquidSky has been testing away in private beta for a little while now, and it seems those tests have been impressing, as they’ve helped it raise$4 million in a series of seed rounds led by Samsung Global Innovation Center, Sun Microsystems founder Scott McNealy, and former Sun Microsystems and AOL-Time Warner executive Bill Raduchel, according to PCGamer.

“We are thrilled to have secured the confidence and financial backing of Samsung Global Innovation Center, as well as technology pioneers Scott McNealy and Bill Raduchel,” said Ian McLoughlin, LiquidSky CEO. “Beyond their financial support that will help us scale and grow our infrastructure, their industry know-how is invaluable in helping LiquidSky remain at the bleeding edge of cloud computing.”

The service allows users to borrow computing power to play games on their underpowered devices. Whereas OnLive needed a graphics card per person on the server, these daysa single Nvidia graphics card can support 128 users on a cloud service, so tech advances make a service like this more viable.

“There’s no need to buy expensive hardware to play the latest PC AAA games or run performance-intensive applications. Just borrow the computing power you need from us,” LiquidSky say.

It’s also cheaper than OnLive,with subscription plans that cost $15 per month for 500GB of storage and 80 hours of play, or $40 per month for 1TB of storage and unlimited playtime. There’s also apay-as-you-go model where customers purchase SkyCredits that cost $0.50 each and offer around an hour of game play.

“Gamers can play any PC title nearly anywhere, anytime on Android, Mac, Linux or even low-spec Windows PC devices via their very own cloud-based ‘SkyComputer’ – a dedicated high-spec Windows gaming PC with up to a terabyte of online storage,” LiquidSky explain.

“LiquidSky customers may download and play any PC game or high-performance application they choose from any leading digital distribution portal, including Steam, BattleNet, Uplay, Origin, and many others. If a game or application runs on Windows, LiquidSky supports it!”

There are currently around 500,000 people testing the beta now, and you can request beta access here.