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Living Dark is a procedural neo-noir narrative adventure from the creator of DayZ

living dark rocketwerkz announcement

There are two teasers out for the Living Dark, and both of them are very effective. The first shows a slow pan through a drug operation, which is busted up in the end by by a cadre of robot cops. The second shows a blue man being refused service at a small diner, before destroying everyone with a psychic-powered blast of kitchen utensils.

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These are apparently tastes of Living Dark’s procedural narrative, which makes those populating the city of Vox react to your actions, generating new missions, characters, and dialog in response to your choices. The cyberpunk noir setting gives you plenty of reasons to investigate these characters as you gather clues and chase leads.

Vox will even continue to grow its own history as you replay the game as new characters with new goals, adding to a cultural tapestry making up its varied inhabitants. The official site suggests the imagery of racism in the teasers is intentional: “Exploring aspects of inequality, violence, manipulation, and control, Living Dark strives to create an authentic and believable world that draws on current social themes.”

It’s all a bit heady, but the high-level concepts of Living Dark sound very cool. It’s the next game from RocketWerkz, which was founded by DayZ creator Dean Hall. Living Dark itself is being directed by Rashad Redic, who was a world artist on games including Fallout 3, Crysis, and Skyrim.

More teasers are coming throughout the rest of the week, offering a few more tastes of what the world of Living Dark has to offer.