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All Logitech gaming gear is now carbon neutral

"Logitech’s growth does not come without an environmental impact"

Logitech G915 Lightspeed

Logitech is going 100% green – starting with its Logitech G and Astro gaming gear. The peripheral company hailing from Switzerland is setting ambitious targets to fight climate change in accord with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5° celsius target, and minimise the footprint from its products, packaging, and operations to net-zero emissions.

The company is targeting 100% renewable energy use across its global operations by 2030 and it’s already progressing that goal after sourcing green energy for its Lausanne and Cork offices. It’s Suzhou plant in China is also going green, and is certified CarbonNeutral (a standard operated by Natural Capital Partners) but further efforts have to be made to hit the company’s goal.

Changes have to be made even down to the preliminary design stages of its mice, keyboards, and other products – from introducing recycled plastics and removing PVC where possible to switching to sustainable packaging. As of today, all Logitech G and Astro products going forward are certified CarbonNeutral – that means net-zero emissions from materials, design, manufacturing, and shipment of its gaming peripherals.

“For more than a decade, Logitech has actively worked to minimise our climate footprint while designing and delivering products that help better the world. As a small company playing in a global market, we appreciate the value of collaboration, and today we are publicly committing to being part of global efforts to co-create a more sustainable world,” Bracken Darrell, president and CEO of Logitech, says. “We recognise that Logitech’s growth does not come without an environmental impact and, while we have made progress, we have only just begun our efforts in designing for sustainability.

“As an award-winning design company, we are making a pledge to future generations that we will use our leadership in design not only to create a great customer experience but to do so in a way that is sustainable for the planet. We want to leave our mark on the future. We know that mark can be positive or negative, depending on the large and small decisions we make every day.”

The company is committing to carbon neutral gaming peripherals and aiming to expand its pledge to its remaining product categories going forward. It will do so formally aligned with the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals, Science Based Target Initiative, and RE100.

Logitech recently announced the Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse PIXEL, a limited edition version of its popular esports gaming mouse – and our pick for the best gaming mouse – in hot pink. All profits from this mouse, and the unreleased limited edition product to follow, will go towards three charitable organisations working towards solving the challenges in user accessibility, especially those in videogames.