Logitech Spotlight: new video reveals slick custom Mass Effect: Andromeda keyboard

Logitech Mass Effect Andromeda

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If you are already enjoying BioWare’s latest entry in its award-winning sci-fi action RPG series, Mass Effect: Andromeda, or are planning to in the near future, Logitech G has designed a limited supply of peripherals created specifically for the game.

Not only does the new Mass Effect gear—which includes a custom keyboard, mouse, headset and mousepad—sport designs that make them look like they came right off the Tempest, but they come packed with high-end features.

The centerpiece of the new line of peripherals is the G810 Orion Spectrum mechanical keyboard, which comes loaded with high-tech features designed to enhance your experience with the game including everything from programmable RGB backlighting to built-in Romer-G mechanical switches that deliver near-instant responsiveness, with an actuation point 25 percent shorter than standard mechanical switches.

Watch the video above for a full rundown on the custom Mass Effect: Andromeda G810 keyboard and be sure to check out this feature detailing Logitech G’s other limited edition Mass Effect gear here.