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Classic Flash era roguelike makes a comeback with Steam revamp

Making the jump from Flash to Steam, roguelike dungeon crawler Lucky Tower Ultimate finally has a release date, and we're not waiting long.

Lucky Tower Ultimate Steam release date

Sites like Newgrounds and Miniclip were the home of simple and effective games back in the day. The results of The Impossible Quiz are forever burned into my brain at this point after figuring out just what obtuse answer it wants you to give, and while this era of videogames has largely gone the way of the dodo, there’s still an uncomplicated enjoyment to be found in them. Lucky Tower Ultimate wants to bring this vibe back, and we finally have a release date for its Steam Early Access launch.

If you fancy returning to the early 2000s leanings of Super Meat Boy, Castle Crashers, and Alien Hominid, then the upcoming Lucky Tower Ultimate is certainly worth keeping an eye on. The first premium release in the Flash-era Lucky Tower series, the aim of this roguelike game is to escape the titular tower by any means necessary; with every door potentially leading to another trap.

With everyone and everything reacting to your actions, it’s not just the one of three doors you pick that’ll dictate your run. Maybe your companion can slip on that banana peel and trigger the next trap.

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You can also use absolutely anything as a weapon in Lucky Tower Ultimate: that goblin you found, a piece of broccoli, a wand that turns everyone into brooms? If it’s in the game, you can pick it up and use it to thwack whatever is in your way.

The meta-progression every good roguelike needs is here too, as while you can find armor, weapons, and potions during a run around the tower, there’s also a village for commerce and permanent upgrades to make each run just that bit easier.

Lucky Tower Ultimate lead artist Anselm Pyta says the roguelike leanings of the game make “it a perfect fit for early access,” with community input helping the team “add in even more content so it will continue to surprise forever.”

The Steam Early Access launch of Lucky Tower Ultimate is set for August 2024, and you can play the free demo on Valve’s platform in the meantime right here.

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