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Grab a free Steam key for this stunning new space game

We have six Steam keys to give away for the latest release from the developer of Cris Tales based on Atari's classic space simulator game.

Lunar Lander Beyond giveaway - a red haired pilot guiding her lander while sitting in her cockpit.

Lunar Lander Beyond is a sequel 45 years in the making. The original Atari vector-based arcade game had players guide their space-faring vessel across the perilously uneven surface of the moon, using the thrusters to slowly descend onto the landing area and earn a high score. Of course, games have evolved plenty since then, and thanks to the Cris Tales developer Dreams Uncorporated, this series is getting a full-blown, campaign-based revival.

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In this reimagined space game sequel of the arcade classic, Lunar Lander Beyond brings a stronger narrative hook. You’ll take on 30 missions across five different moons and planets, saving stranded pilots along the way. To help you in this endeavor, your spacecraft is also far more customizable, as you can upgrade your ship to better deal with the challenges ahead.

However, this can be immensely stressful and dangerous. Sometimes, it can even lead to space madness, and nobody wants a hallucinating pilot at the helm. If you’d like to see more of the game for yourself, you can try out a demo on the Lunar Lander Beyond Steam page.

To celebrate Lunar Lander Beyond’s launch day, we’ve partnered with Atari to give away six Steam keys for the full game. To enter the competition, just use the widget below. You have until April 30 to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck!

PCGN – Lunar Lander Beyond giveaway

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