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Mad Max prowls the wastes in 15 minutes of gameplay footage

Mad Max E3 demo

After this summer’s Mad Max: Fury Road movie, the best thing we could possibly dive into right now is a Mad Max game. Luckily Avalanche is on the case, and the Mad Max game will be here in September. For a closer look at the V8-fuelled vehicle combat in the game, take a peek at this 15 minutes of footage from E3 featuring Max’s Magnum Opus death machine.

Presenting the game on Sony’s Playstation Live, Avalanche showed off the sandy open world and explained how they first developed a living world in concept stage, before breaking it down to create a believable apocalypse. The result should hopefully be a world full of clues from the past. “We want players to be able to spend many, many, many hours in the world and it should keep rewarding them for exploring. There should be surprises,” explained Avalanche.

The vehicular combat doesn’t look to be quite on the scale of Fury Road’s explosive convoys, but Avalanche’s wonderfully bright fireballs seem to be present and correct as they are in Just Cause 3.

Your car also can be home to a passenger friend, and in this demo a chap called Chumbucket is riding in the back. He’s a man who treats engines and petrol like a religion, and can help out shooting other drivers if they decide they want to bash you off the road.

Mad Max releases September 1st.