Mafia 3 new gameplay trailer shows us how to tear down an empire

Mafia 3

Mafia 3 just got an explosive new trailer that talks us through how to rip and tear at the mob’s kingdom, building our own in the ashes.

Is there anything else in our upcoming PC games list that you’re looking forward to?

In Mafia 3 you’ll be burning through the mafia’s drug trade, taking down street pushers and moving into the production line, peppering the produce and anyone making it with hot lead.

You’ll creep into their safehouses and capture underbosses, getting vital intel from them by inflicting massive pain.

Onto the sex industry, you can take out their pimps and catch the mobsters in the act in one of the brothels, popping their heads before they can even pull up their pants.

Keep on climbing and eventually you’ll be shooting up the casinos. From the ashes of their empire, you build you own.

It’s kind of like being a social climber, but you’re climbing down into the gutter and murdering as you go. It’s mega violent, as you’ll see in the video below: