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Grab one of the best remakes ever made for less than $10

Mafia: Definitive Edition, the 2020 remake of the classic open world game, is heavily discounted right now on Steam alongside its sequels.

One of the best ever remakes is less than $10: A man with slicked back hair, Tommy Angelo from Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Mafia, the first entry in what has gone on to become an open world game trilogy, is unique. Set during the 1930s in a fictional Illinois city, Mafia took a more focused approach to the kind of crime sagas offered by Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row, zooming in on a specific time period and following the rise and fall of its protagonist with a more intimate focus than is typical in the genre. Now, anyone who hasn’t played Mafia before has a great opportunity to do so. Its remade and much improved Definitive Edition is currently discounted by 75% on Steam.

Mafia‘s remake not only massively increases the fidelity of the 2002 original. It also sands down its source material’s rough edges in a way that makes it a lot easier to enjoy the open-world game. Its sequels — especially the underrated, 1960s set Mafia 3 and its memorably drawn protagonist, Lincoln Clay — are well worth a look as well. Though none are without their flaws, each Mafia entry offers a character focused period piece with a unique tone that sets them well apart from other sandbox crime games.

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Now is a good time to pick these games up if you haven’t played them already. Mafia: Definitive Edition is available at 75% ($9.99 USD / £8.74) from now until April 22 on Steam. A bundle including the Definitive Edition of Mafia, Mafia 2, and Mafia 3 is also discounted by 67%, making the collection $19.79 USD / £16.49. Grab a copy of one or all three of the games right here.

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