Magic: The Gathering Arena’s closed beta starts next month

magic the gathering arena closed beta release date

Magic: The Gathering Arena’s announcement last month was met with tons of curiosity, and the knowledge that a beta would be striking soon after made our lust for digital cards complete. But we won’t have to wait much longer for that beta, as Wizards of the Coast say it’ll start “as early as November 30.”

Looking for more details? Check out our interview with the MTG:A team.

That’ll follow a very limited stress test on November 3, and some play days over the following weeks which will focus on Constructed Magic, with the full Ixalan card set available and free packs provided for testers. These early tests will have “players in the thousands, rather than the hundreds of thousands.”

When the actual closed beta kicks off, invitees will be a bit wider in number, but the initial waves will continue to be limited. Those who do get in will be able to enjoy best-of-one ranked and Constructed matches, again with the full Ixalan set. Over time, more modes and features will be added, including cards from the Kaladesh and Amonkhet blocks.

You can still sign up for closed beta access at the official site. This’ll all be under NDA once the beta goes live, so participating is the only way you’re getting access to all those juicy, juicy cards.

And since you’re probably wondering, support for micro-transactions will eventually hit the beta, but won’t be there at the start, and the developers promise any money spent before a server will be refunded.