Physics puzzler Magnetic: Cage Closed launching on May 26,

Flame room

Gambitious’ new puzzle game, Magnetic: Cage Closed, launches on Steam on May 26th. It’s an odd and intriguing-looking game, with some thorny physics-based puzzles that involve an awful lot of mechanical reasoning and physical intuition. Judging from this gameplay walkthrough, it could scratch that Portal itch.

Magnetic: Cage Closed is a kind of sci-fi prison-break game, with a dynamic storyline that can result in different experiences across different playthroughs.

Gambitious’ Marcus Billborg gives you a pretty lengthy tour of the game in this walkthrough video.

It looks pretty good, though perhaps a bit tough for me. The magnetic weapon you have seem like a combination gravity gun and jetpack, and that’s kind of causing my brain to melt a bit when I think about these puzzles. But it looks like a lot of fun for the puzzle-gaming crowd.

Cage Closed will come out on the 26th, for $15.

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