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Cthulhu’s crazy deals: Magrunner is free on GOG

Magrunner free

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is a wee bit odd: a physics puzzler that’s simultaneously a colourful sci-fi romp and a tale of eldritch horror. It’s uneven, but ultimately fun and a bit mind-bending. 

It’s also completely free for the next day over at GOG. Is this some evil plot manufactured by Cthulhu? What is Cthulhu’s stance on DRM, anyway? Who knows. But it’s free, and that’s lovely. 

Until tomorrow, Magrunner will cost you bugger all. It’s like a free appetiser to GOG’s large summer sale. Speaking of which, there’s a plethora of splendid, but not-quite-free, deals going on right now. Of special note are all these bloody bundles. So many of them.

If you hunger for rich RPGs and don’t mind them looking rather plain and sometimes ugly, then you desperately need to take a look at Spiderweb’s collection. It’s only $7.01 at the moment and contains 14 brilliant RPGs.

The Thief collection is also on sale, from Thief Gold to Thief: Deadly Shadows. It’s $5.97, and if this is missing from your library, then you really should consider fixing that massive oversight.