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Manor Lords publisher signs big new strategy game with amazing physics

It's the year of RTS and city building mashups as Manor Lords publisher signs Cataclismo, a game where you build a castle brick-by-brick.

Cataclismo Steam strategy game: Three warriors from Steam strategy game Cataclismo

Manor Lords publisher Hooded Horse shows us yet again it has a keen eye for the best indie city-builder and RTS games out there, as it signs Lego-inspired Cataclismo to its roster. In it, you can construct castles brick by brick to defend yourself and your people from the hordes that invade at night.

Cataclismo is developed by Digital Sun, the team behind Moonlighter. Part RTS game, part city builder, Cataclismo goes the Manor Lords route of combining the best of both genres, though this game seems to lean more heavily into the RTS and exploration side of things so it should appeal to the more combat-inclined among you.

In Cataclismo you’ll design fortresses inspired by Lego, Spanish architecture, and Warcraft 3. You’ll want to build those walls high, too, because the hordes that will be trying to bring them down look utterly terrifying. With a black, white, and gray color palette, the designs are simple but effective, beautiful yet deadly. There are over 100 pieces you can use to build your ideal fortifications, and you’ll watch them all crumble if the enemies overwhelm you.

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As well as base-building, you’ll have to make sure you’re training enough troops to man the battlements against the terrors that lurk in the night. Within the castle walls you’ll be making sure the conditions are right for people to keep working so you can build up your settlement even stronger.

There’s a 30-hour campaign and skirmish and creative modes, so once you’ve finished the story – which sounds compelling if the strength of the voice acting in the trailer is anything to go by – there should still be plenty to sink your teeth into.

The Cataclismo release date is set for Tuesday July 16th, 2024, but you can play the free Cataclismo demo now. If you want more of a pure experience, check out some of the city building games available on PC, or check out the best strategy games ever made.

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