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The entire Manor Lords economy has just been revamped

Manor Lords will now feature an Annual Royal Tax that aims to stop players from incurring debt without consequences and hoarding gold.

Manor Lords character in front of country back drop

Collecting resources is one of the most important steps to building up your kingdom in Manor Lords. Without money, you stand no chance of becoming a settlement with any power or influence over those who surround you. Despite this, developer Slavic Magic has noticed that a few too many leaders have been hoarding wealth, which has made running a kingdom a little too easy, so a new king’s tax is being implemented.

Taxes are never fun for anyone, but in this case, they appear to be necessary to prevent Manor Lords players from holding onto huge resources and never running out. In any RTS game, having the maximum amount of wealth with no penalties can ruin the experience, as there are effectively no consequences, barriers, or challenges to overcome.

Recognizing this, Slavic Magic has snapped into action and implemented The King’s Tax in patch 0.7.972 on Friday, May 31, 2024. This new expense will be “collected annually from all players (main player and AI) and goes to the liege.” In terms of how much you’ll be charged, it’s determined based on population and serves as a “counterbalance for players hoarding huge wealth despite non-optimized economies.”

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The devs are hoping this will also stop players from incurring debt without consequences, meaning there will now be severe threats if you run out of money. In the future, Slavic Magic is even keen on implementing a system where failure to pay will result in “facing the king’s army as enemies.” This direct conflict with the king could make for some incredible gameplay and will just add to the huge amount of depth Manor Lords already provides.

Adding the King’s tax also has the potential to reshape the economy and force players to be more selective with their spending. This is guaranteed to have a major impact on gameplay, so it’ll be interesting to see how well-received it is with the community.

Paying taxes is the least of your issues if you can’t run the game, so check out the Manor Lords system requirements so you can optimize your FPS. If the medieval setting isn’t for you, countless other brilliant strategy games may suit you better, so check out our list.

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