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Is Manor Lords on Game Pass?

A satisfying strategy game in which you build an colony from nothing and turn it into a functioning society, is Manor Lords on Game Pass?

Two medieval style houses in Manor Lords, which is on Game Pass.

Is Manor Lords on Game Pass? Manor Lords is a realistic, medieval city-builder game that tasks you with building a civilization from the ground up, teaming up with neighboring lands, and building an army to defend yourself from attack. From its chilled beginnings expanding your population and finding food to all-out war, Manor Lords is an ever-changing adventure.

If you’re a fan of strategy games, relaxing games, or war games, then Manor Lords certainly ticks your boxes, and you’re no doubt wondering if you can play the game on Game Pass now that the Manor Lords release date has arrived. We’ve got the answer below.

A top-down view of an early settlement in Manor Lords, available on Game Pass.

Is Manor Lords on Game Pass?

Yes, Manor Lords is on Game Pass. Anyone with an active subscription can play the city builder across PC and console.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Manor Lords will remain on Game Pass forever, so take the opportunity to give the city-building game a try while you can. As with all Game Pass games, you can then decide whether to buy the game before it leaves the subscription service and keep all your progress.

While you’re playing Manor Lords on Game Pass, you’re going to need to know more about how to increase your Manor Lords population and Manor Lords approval rating. And check out the Manor Lords system requirements while you’re at it, to ensure your colony-building dreams won’t fall at the first hurdle.