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New Manor Lords patch makes moving stuff around a little bit easier

Carts are under the microscope in the latest update for Manor Lords, with a ton of optimization changes also being served on the side.

New Manor Lords patch makes moving stuff around a little bit easier: A peasant in Manor Lords stands in the middle of a cabbage patch.

I couldn’t handle being a peasant. Backbreaking labor isn’t for me, I can barely deal with bottom-sitting labor. The life of ceaseless toil, even if it’s just carrying things about for your stern lord and master, just all seems like too much work. In Manor Lords it appears developer Slavic Magic agrees, as the peasant’s lot just got a little bit lighter.

Patch 0.7.975 just landed for the city building game, and while on the surface it looks like a fairly light update, there’s still plenty to chew on and mull over. One of the new gameplay introductions for Manor Lords is the addition of four new handcarts when you own a level two storehouse. These will make it slightly easier, and more efficient, for goods to be transported around your settlement. It’ll also ease the pain your peasants feel in their lower backs, but that’s not reflected in the gameplay.

In addition to handcarts, the food cart and firewood cart have also seen a few changes and will now import until they reach their limit. This is great for making sure you have enough food and firewood on hand, passively building up your stocks without you having to actively do anything. On the other hand, everything costs, so you run the risk of running into issues down the line if you don’t pay attention to what you’re spending.

Outside of gameplay changes and balance updates, there’s been a big optimization pass making things run just that little bit more smoothly. Loading times have been improved, chimney smoke won’t cause slowdown as much, and there’s a ton of other small changes that should add up to a better experience. My favorite change relates to hoeing and sowing, previously if too many people were farming in the same area the sound buffer would get clogged, so there’s a new concurrent sound limit making sure this won’t happen again.

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You can check out the full patch notes over on Steam, where you can also grab Manor Lords with 25% off until Sunday June 23.

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