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Manor Lords bans mod discussion until full support arrives

Discussion and sharing of Manor Lords mods has been banned in the official Discord, to maintain the game's "integrity" until support drops.

Manor Lords mods: a medieval town covered in a layer of snow

The official Manor Lords Discord is banning the discussion or encouragement of mods until the official support arrives, in an effort to maintain the “integrity” of the gameplay. This hasn’t, and won’t, stop players from making mods for the game going forward, but publisher Hooded Horse will lift the rule when proper modding support drops. Now we wait for a Shrek total conversion mod, I guess?

Manor Lords developer Slavic Magic wants the city building game to fully support mods, but the Steam Early Access launch has higher priorities right now. The developer is consistently asking for player feedback on mechanics like trade via polls, with an experimental Manor Lords patch making some big changes already.

A new post in the Manor Lords Discord outlines the current approach to mod discussion and sharing, with a blanket ban on this until full mod support is integrated into the game.

“In order to maintain the integrity of Manor Lords’ gameplay experience, we’re implementing a temporary rule against discussing or encouraging the use of mods,” senior Discord moderator ‘JKM’ writes. “This decision is made to ensure that players engage with the game’s core mechanics as intended, without the influence of mods.”

Manor Lords mods: a Discord post in the Manor Lords Discord banning discussion of mods

“This rule will remain in place until the game is ready to support mods. At this time, there is no estimated time for mod support implementation. When that happens, there will be another announcement lifting this temporary forbiddance.

“Effective immediately, please refrain from discussing mod usage or encouraging others to use mods while playing Manor Lords. This includes any discussions about how to acquire, install, or use mods.”

This official statement follows developer Slavic Magic seeing a Manor Lords Shrek mod (yes, really) and noting that while mods aren’t supported yet, “you can’t deny the potential.”

You can still find mods over on places like Nexus, but the scene hasn’t quite taken off yet, especially compared to fellow city builders like Cities Skylines 2.

Manor Lords is also available via PC Game Pass, so if you’re yet to buy it on Steam but are a subscriber to Microsoft’s service you can play it at no extra cost.

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