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How to increase your Manor Lords approval rating

A happy populace is a prosperous populous, here’s how to increase your Manor Lords approval rating so you can keep everyone content.

Manor Lords approval rating: an old tavern, with working pushing barrels along the ground outside.

How do you increase your Manor Lords approval rating? You’ll no doubt want to achieve a lot in your time as an omnipotent ruler. Whether that translates to a huge, sprawling empire, or a cozy hamlet, you’ll need a lot of happy people to achieve your vision. The more your residents approve of you, the more you’ll get out of them; it’s a mutually beneficial situation, really.

With the Manor Lords release date upon us, players are figuring out the best ways to build their region, and no matter your end goal, a high Manor Lords approval rating is vital. If you aren’t doing a good job, your citizens could revolt, or even abandon you, and their Manor Lords burgage plots completely. Here’s how to improve your approval rating to be the best leader you can be.

Manor Lords approval rating: an overhead view of a snowy village, with a church and several quaint houses.

What is Manor Lords approval rating?

Your Manor Lords approval rating is essentially how happy your people are. It is closely tied to your Manor Lords population growth, with new families joining your settlement each month if the approval rating is high enough. A low approval rating can cause unrest and even complete abandonment of your settlement.

Manor Lords increase approval rating: a wooden church under construction, the ground has a light covering of snow.

How to increase your Manor Lords approval rating

Meeting your resident’s basic needs is the baseline for any prospective haven; your people need food, water, and a place to live. To increase your approval rating, though, you’ll have to offer them a better standard of living. Here are a few ways to increase your Manor Lords approval rating:

A balanced diet

While your families can survive on one type of food, they won’t be especially happy with it. Try to offer more than one item in your market. Berries and grain can be harvested during the warmer months, and meat can be hunted as long as there is livestock in the forests. Your approval rating will skyrocket with the availability of different meals.

A little treat

As well as food, your families will approve if there are other items available in the market. You’ll get a ton of hides as a by-product of hunting, and by building a tannery, you’re able to turn these into leather which can be sold at the market. Your residents can take this leather home to make clothing, and they’ll love you for it.


Working and eating as a way of life is all well and good, but sometimes your town needs a little entertainment to be happy. If you’re able to set up a steady supply of barley, you will eventually be able to build a tavern, which will keep your populace a little sozzled, and very happy, improving your approval rating massively.

Work hard, pray hard

Having a church in your settlement will fulfill the faith requirement of your houses and give you a large boost to your approval rating. It can consume a fair amount of resources to build early on, but once you’re established, it is an excellent addition to any hamlet.

Those are our best tips for improving your Manor Lords approval rating. You’ll get a feel for how your families are feeling over time, but these tips will set you on the right path, and soon you’ll be taking over every region in the land. If you’re looking for something similar to play, we have a list of the best city building games here, and the best tycoon games here if you want something a little less taxing.