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We’re giving away 50 leveling packs in MapleStory to celebrate Pathfinder!

You could win $25 worth of in-game items to give you a boost, just in time for the latest update

MapleStory is a distinctive and long-running MMORPG. Why distinctive? Because it’s a 2D side-scroller. Why long-running? Because it was released in 2012. After years of updates it now offers over 40 classes ready to join a millennia-long battle against the evil Black Mage, all of them rendered in colourful anime-inspired pixel art.

Those classes are really the stars of MapleStory. Thanks to their vast number you’ll find a huge variety of playstyles and aesthetics among them, from the requisite mages and warriors, to pirates, ninjas, and even time travelers. Each has a story and a range of skills through which you can specialise, and there are hundreds of cosmetic options from which to craft your unique look.

To celebrate the game’s Pathfinder update, which adds yet another new class, we’re giving away 50 Pathfinder leveling packs. Each contains in-game items valued at around $25, and which will give you a great start leveling your new Pathfinder (or, indeed, anyone else). MapleStory is free-to-play, so these items will also give you a great boost even if you haven’t dived in yet.

Here’s the game on Steam if you’d like to get involved. Each Pathfinder leveling pack contains:

  • Hyper teleport rock (30-day duration): teleport to most locations in the World Map, or to a specific player’s location, to link up with your buddies.
  • Double EXP coupon (1-day duration): doubles earned experience.
  • Double drop rate coupon (1-day duration): doubles items and mesos earned by hunting monsters.
  • Unique meso sack (90-day duration): open this sack to receive
    6,000,000 or more mesos, with a small chance to get up to 750,000,000 mesos. Must be opened within its duration.
  • Kino (90-day duration): a cute orange mushroom companion. Feed your pet to improve your relationship and unlock special commands. It will also help you out by picking up items and mesos as you explore.
  • Permanent Code of Hammurabi chair coupon (14-day duration): recover 50 MP and 50 HP every ten seconds while sitting in this special chair. Redeem this coupon within its duration, and the chair is permanent. 

Note that this content is only redeemable in non-Reboot worlds.

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Sound good? If you want to win then you need to enter our competition via the widget below. Complete the one action available and you’re done.

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We’ll also need your email address so we can send you a code upon winning – we won’t send you spam, we promise. Please read our terms and conditions before you enter.

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