Seven cool indie PC games hitting Steam in March

March is jam-packed with big games, but the indie scene is even busier

The central character of Tunic exploring a minimalist island in the 2022 indie game

This time last month we were being overwhelmed by a deluge of shiny new triple-A games. The downpour has petered out to a drizzle, just in time for us to dash outside for a peep at March’s indie offerings. We felt younger back at the start of February, we couldn’t see beyond the mighty, looming shadow of Elden Ring (check out the review here), and we certainly weren’t expecting it to be one of the best PC games of all time. Its release has left us in a bit of a daze, and what better way to recover from that comedown than with more games?

So, we’ve assembled a list of some of the best indie games coming out this month to make sure you’ve got smaller experiences to supplement your 100-hour playthrough of Elden Ring and the forthcoming Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. It’s going to be a challenge to squeeze it all in, but we believe in you. Tell yourself it’s really good for your productivity or something. That may or may not be what we do.

This month’s indie supercut consists of co-op dungeon crawlers, tactical RPG games, non-Euclidean puzzlers, games like Pokémon, and many more. There’s something here to suit any palate, we reckon.

If you do like the looks of any of these games, make sure you wishlist them on Steam to keep up to date with when they’re coming out.

Weird West Weird West Weird West Humble $39.99 Pre-order Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

Plus, it helps the developers out a ton, and the world could certainly use a little more goodwill.

Exploring a dark cave in indie game Core Keeper

Core Keeper – 8 March

Before we talk about the game, we think it’s important that you know the developer of Core Keeper is called Pugstorm. Now that’s been covered, Core Keeper is hitting Steam Early Access this month, mixing a Terraria-like sandbox and ARPG gameplay with a spelunking setting and a top-down perspective. It allows up to eight players to roam around strange mines in search of ancient relics and features over 140 items to craft and mess around with. Plus, there’s base building, smithing, and cooking. Check out Core Keeper here.

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Young Souls – 10 March

Young Souls is a beautiful looking side-scrolling beat ’em up about a pair of twins trying to save their foster father, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. To rescue him you’ll need to mete out a lot of punishment to his goblin captors, unlocking new skills and gear along the way. There’s a refreshing twist in that while the action phase of Young Souls takes place in fantasy-inspired dungeons, the twins gear up and upgrade their stats in a contemporary city. Like Core Keeper, this can also be played co-op, which is always nice. Check out Young Souls here.

Trying to make sense of a non-Euclidean realm in indie puzzle game Hyperbolica

Hyperbolica – 14 March

Moving into puzzle games, here’s a mind-bender called Hyperbolica. This abstract-looking game utilises non-Euclidean to create an adventure where the world is as much a puzzle as any of the activities you’ll need to complete there. It makes the most of non-Euclidean spaces, which means you’ll be wrapping around the geometry, exploring exponentially growing landscapes, and always looking at curves – so many curves. It also means you’re going to make your brain feel all wiggly trying to figure out each area of the world. Check out Hyperbolica here.

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Tunic – 16 March

The puzzles continue in Tunic, which looks to be heavily inspired by old-school Zelda games. You take control of an adorable little fox as you journey around a stunningly minimalist world, solving dungeon puzzles and battling any bosses that block your path. Tunic has been hotly anticipated for years now, so the excitement is palpable. Check out Tunic here.

An XCOM-like tactical RPG battle in King Arthur: Knight's Tale

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – 29 March

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale hit Steam Early Access early last year, and it’s finally about to escape that chrysalis and come into the world as a fully formed game. This is a tactical RPG set in a grim version of classic Arthurian mythology, roundtable and all. You take control, not of Arthur, but of his nemesis Mordred, and it’s your mission to figure out why you can’t die. Its initial outing was a solid strategy RPG, but the full release should help round it out, providing fans of games like XCOM with a distinct new setting to explore. Check out King Arthur: Knights Tale here.

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Weird West – 31 March

Alright, this is technically an indie game, but it’s also being made by the co-creators of Dishonored and Prey, so it definitely has some triple-A chops. Weird West is an immersive sim set in a creepy, dark fantasy version of the wild west. You control a variety of unusual heroes, each with their own mystery or dilemma to solve, not to mention a unique means of approaching it. As you’d expect from an immersive sim, nobody’s playthrough will be the same as there are always different actions and choices you can make. Oh, and there’s a terrifically overpowered kick à la Dark Messiah. Check out Weird West here.

Weird West Weird West Weird West Humble $39.99 Pre-order Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

A trainable monster in Pokemon-like Coromon

Coromon – 31 March

There have been a number of indie monster battlers in recent years, and they often feature the most interesting innovations on Pokémon’s formula. Coromon’s key twist is a stamina-based combat system that forces you to carefully manage your monster’s output in order to keep them in the fight. It’s one to try if the widely acclaimed Pokémon Legends: Arceus wasn’t your cup of the proverbial. Check out Coromon here.