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The creator of 2021’s nastiest horror game is back, with mermaids

The creators of perhaps the most bizarre horror game ever, Martha is Dead, are back with a new teaser featuring old PCs and... mermaids?

A wooden puppet puts its hands together in prayer, a sad expression on its face

I’ve only given two 10/10 reviews in my career: Diablo 4 and Martha is Dead. The former, well, you’ve probably heard of that one, but the latter is an indie horror game set in World War II. Even if you haven’t played it, you may have heard of a particular scene involving the removal of someone’s face. Yes, LKA’s bizarre tale of tragedy and woe isn’t one for the faint of heart. But now the developer is back and working with Wired Productions on another adventure that potentially involves, well, mermaids.

LKA’s Wired Direct teaser isn’t giving Martha is Dead vibes. There’s no warbling 1940s jazz, no brutal mutilation. Instead, there’s just a simple series of code being input into an old ’90s PC.

The screen tells us that Wired and LKA have partnered up once again to bring us a new PC game, but what that is remains a mystery. However, eagle-eyed viewers may spot what appears to be a mermaid appear on screen near the end of the teaser. Then it all fades to black, silence ensues, and mystery fills the air.

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“Wired doesn’t treat our games as products to be thrown on the market and forgotten,” says LKA’s creative director Luca Dalcò in a statement shared with PCGamesN. “They follow and finesse our games – and live through our stories – from the beginning and for always; for years after the release.

“This approach has helped our team on so many occasions, even in the development process itself, they always do the absolute best they can for our titles and you can feel this very clearly. It’s a very rewarding feeling!

“Do we just love each other? Of course not. Developing a game is really hard work, which sometimes brings stress at very high levels. And this is another good quality in our relationship: we also know how to tell each other off when we need to… but we do it with love!”

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This is LKA’s third partnership with Wired, following on from the award-winning The Town of Light and, of course, Martha is Dead – which is also being adapted into a live-action movie. “Although Wired had ‘courted’ us in fact, we were too insecure as a team to take on the responsibility of having a publisher (it seemed like science fiction to us at the time).

“But then things went well and Wired stepped in on the console edition, and from day one in the creation of Martha is Dead and, again from day one, in the creation of  W… no, I won’t say it, but I can’t wait to talk about it!”

A group of characters on an old computer screen put together to form the outline of a mermaid

I am very excited for this mysterious ‘W,’ and can’t wait to see how virtual mermaids manage to tie into its storyline. Until then, though, we have a rundown of all the best horror games if you’re looking for something creepy like Martha is Dead. Or if you’re after a gripping narrative, we have a list of all the best story games too.

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