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Marvel Heroes 2015 goes back to Matt Murdock’s early days with new Daredevil costume

Marvel Heroes Daredevil costume

If you’re anything like the PCGamesN team, you spent the entire weekend shovelling as much of Netflix’s new Daredevil show into your eyes as possible. Marvel Heroes 2015, the super-hero MMO from Gazillion and Diablo creator David Brevik, likes to tie into the goings-on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so has introduced a new costume for Daredevil to celebrate the show. 

In the first season of the show, Matt Murdock is shown wearing a very simple black bandana-style mask and black clothes rather than his classic red devil costume. It’s a look inspired by Frank Miller’s days on the Daredevil comic. The 1993 run ‘The Man Without Fear’ introduced the idea of Murdock wearing a very basic home-made costume before he adopted his flashier costume, and it’s that costume that you can now unlock in Marvel Heroes 2015.

Marvel Heroes often has the MCU costumes for each of it’s heroes, so fingers crossed we may see the show’s take on the red devil-horned costume in the future.