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Marvel Heroes opening cinematic marks MMO launch; filled with familiar faces


Despite a few minor setbacks Marvel’s MMOARPG (an acronym that sounds like a bear stubbing its toe), Marvel Heroes, has been launched into the marketplace for all and sundry to play.

It wouldn’t be a game launch without a trailer which bears little relation to the action of the game itself, though. So here is the opening cinematic, introducing a story which will be of little import when playing the game.

It’s a fine little video, hitting all the right notes to quickly convey which hero’s origin story we are being given a brief overview of but it may as well be a trailer for a new cartoon series, considering that the events in the video will have little relation to your actions in the game.

It’s silly to get too worked up about the disconnect between an opening cinematic and the mechanics of a game but it’s just that MMOs are particularly guilty of this. They’re supposed to be games about social play, stories and relationships emerging between players in a manner not dictated by the game. But, here, we have a video which sets up a single player story. Why even put the money into prodcing the video when it doesn’t set up anything for the game which will alter how you play it?

Anywho, you can jump into the free-to-play action romp over here.