Fans are still trying to ‘fix’ Mass Effect’s Tali sex scene, four years on

Mass Effect Tali sex scene

Videogame fans are kinda scary in their dedication. Whether it’s chasing down tough achievements, gunning for a Onebro run in Dark Souls, or spending four years mourning an underdeveloped sex scene in a BioWare RPG, gamers will always press continue, or something. 

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As Kotaku report, players were kind of disappointed with how BioWare handled the Tali romance subplot, or at least the, ahem, climax. It must have been the helmet. *Cough*

You see, Tali’s race, the quarians, are very susceptible to disease, so they have to keep a full hazmat suit on, complete with face-obscuring mask. I suppose the people who romanced her was hoping to see her face, but the game just fades to black, leaving it to your imagination. I personally think the suit has special zips – I mean, how do they even use the toilet?

Once their relationship begins in-game, Shepard begins keeping a picture of Tali, without her mask, in his quarters. The thing is, fans soon found out this was just a stock photo of a pretty woman, so they got angry, then sad, then angry again, and now I’m sad.

Now, four years later, there’s finally a solution – someone has created the entire sex scene using Source Film Maker and posted it to YouTube, face, breasts, weird hands, flowing hair that clips through Tali’s collarbones, and everything. They even based her face on the photo, though it’s still kinda horrific because they actually just used Fang’s model from Final Fantasy XIII and slightly tweaked it.

Who cares? Well, 11,000 people cared enough to watch the NSFW video, which you can watch here. People in the comments seem to be onboard. Elsewhere, a video from the actual game that claims to unmask her has reached over 800,000 views.Yeah.

Anyway, well done, everyone.