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Mass Effect: Andromeda cracked in less than two weeks despite Denuvo and Origin

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Despite the dual protection of the Origin platform and Denuvo’s own anti-tamper tech, Mass Effect: Andromeda has been cracked.

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Resident Evil 7 retains the dubious honour of getting its Denuvo protection cracked in the fastest-ever time, with open versions released to the public in less than seven days. Mass Effect: Andromeda has now been cracked and spread around the Internet after around 13 days. That’s still a record for a Denuvo/Origin game, and still far less long than any developer would wish the expensive protection to last.

Denuvo was once considered uncrackable, with a now-defunct Chinese hacking group admitting their frustration with it a couple of years ago. For their part, Denuvo have always maintained their product is not uncrackable, but merely “hard to crack”. It seems even that may be overstating things a little now, with two rapid cracks of triple-A games by the same group. Perhaps it’s just that they specifically have figured it out, but regardless, Denuvo will need to respond with a new, more secure offering.

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