Mass Effect: Andromeda gets blockbuster launch trailer, reveals fate of the Golden Worlds

mass effect Andromeda launch trailer

Is it set to current popular music? Yes. Is it edited together like a Hollywood blockbuster? You bet it is. Does it have lots of deep bass warbling? Of course it does. That’s right, Bioware and EA have dropped the suitably triple-A launch trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and it’s so slickly produced you could be forgiven for thinking it’s actually for a new Jerry Bruckheimer film. Give it a watch above. Then maybe another watch. Then maybe one more, and another, and a few more until its March 23 and we’ve got the disc in our hands.

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So what does it teach us? Well we do learn a little bit more about the Golden Worlds in the opening seconds of the trailer. It could be considered a spoiler, so if you’d rather not know about them then stop reading now.

Essentially, the Golden Worlds are all duds, which means only bad things for the player and the Andromeda initiative. Aside from that? Not a whole lot we didn’t already know, actually, but it’s a launch trailer so that’s hardly the point. What it does do is pool together a whole heap of space explosions into one endlessly enjoyable highlight reel, as well as giving us one last glimpse at the companions, environments and bad guys we’ll see and meet when the game comes out out in just under two weeks. Mostly is shows off how good the cutscenes are, and assures anyone who was concerned about thos flaky facial animations that Bioware have addressed the problem.

Of course if you’re an EA and Origin Access member you’ll be able to start playing the game on March 16. The rest of us will have to wait until March 23, or March 21 if you’re in North America.

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