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The best Mass Effect characters are returning in a surprising game

Beloved Mass Effect crew members from the original RPGs are reuniting once more for a new mission, but not for a videogame, sadly.

Liara in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

After replaying Mass Effect 1-3 in the Legendary Edition of the original trilogy, there’s nothing more we want to do than to shoot, romance, and choose our way through a new adventure aboard the latest version of the Normandy. We might not be getting that exact wish, in videogame format anyway, but some of the best Mass Effect characters are reuniting for a board game.

It’s called Mass Effect the Board Game — Priority: Hagalaz, and launches later in 2024. It boasts classic characters from the RPG games like Liara (our romance path, thank you very much), Tali, Wrex, and Garrus.

In the board game’s premise, Commander Shepard’s team will be infiltrating a crashed Cerberus research cruiser on the planet Hagalaz to gather intel to prepare for the galactic war in Mass Effect 3. Shepard and their team must explore the wreckage before a deadly storm hits. Caution is advised, though, as Cerberus forces guarding the ship aren’t the only dangers — or dark secrets — lurking.

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Publisher Modiphius Entertainment says Priority: Hagalaz is a cooperative, story-driven game that incorporates key Mass Effect design elements, including a non-linear storyline, team customization, and loyalty quests. The game will also ship with 32mm miniatures of the included characters.

It’s set to arrive sometime in 2024, with no specified release date yet. In an interview with Wargamer, Modiphius Entertainment founder Chris Birch says the game will cost “well under” $100 — good news. “The pitch was: let’s do a low maintenance, easy dungeon crawl, and pitch it at a lower price point so it’s not a $150 massive box of plastics,” he says.

While Liara will be featured in the upcoming Mass Effect 4, the rest of the crew are unknowns, so we’re happy to see them together again, even if it is on a tabletop. For similar experiences, check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition romance options guide, or read about the other best space games.

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