Mass Effect’s infinite paragon and renegade glitch still works in the Legendary Edition

Keep your eyes peeled during the Noveria mission.

Fewer things are a bigger pain in Mass Effect than missing out on a dialogue option because your renegade or paragon bar isn’t quite stocked enough. You can’t really walk away from the situation to get the remaining points you need to intimidate or charm someone, so you’re usually stuck watching a scenario play out disappointingly.

Thankfully, though, an old exploit in the original Mass Effect that lets you harvest as many paragon/renegade points as you’d like is alive and well in the Legendary Edition. As spotted by Kotaku, you’ll eventually meet a Turian named Lorik Qui’in during the Noveria mission. He’s been ousted from his job because he dug up some dirt on Port Hanshan’s administrator, Anoleis. Agree to help him collect the evidence from his office but talk to Gianna Parasini after you return to the bar to complete the mission. If you do so, you can charm or intimidate Lorik into testifying against Anoleis in court.

You should only get one hit of renegade or paragon points, but it’s bugged so you can talk to Qui’in as many times as you please, allowing you to farm as many points as you desire.

Dialogue plays a large part in Mass Effect as you can ease or escalate situations in missions by using charm or intimidate options. Putting points into those skills help, but having a high amount of renegade or paragon points help increase the cap on those skills.

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Jen has also been playing this one, and she’s been having a grand old time. In her Mass Effect’s Legendary Edition review, she explains that “this is the same Mass Effect we fell in love with all those years ago, painstakingly polished and wrapped up in a neat ribbon”. It may appear a tad dated if you’ve never played it before, though.

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