Wargaming resurrect Master of Orion alongside “key members” of original 4X team

Master of Orion

Oh my goodness, this is going to go down well. Wargaming, who are now on the quiet one of the biggest publishers in PC gaming, are making a game without World of… in the title. It’s the Master of Orion game Victor Kislyi mentioned to our Tim last year – a “modern rebirth” of the classic 4X series, built by an Argentinian team comprised in part of developers who worked on the original. 

The Buenos Aires-based NGD say they’ve retained the series’ depth, strategy and variety of approach – supporting brute force, diplomacy and resource domination.

“As longtime fans of the Master of Orion, the opportunity to help breathe new life into this acclaimed game has been a dream come true,” said NGD co-founder Andrés Chilkowski. “While we’ve made many improvements overall to the game, we’re confident that its classic and addictive gameplay will appeal to gamers no matter if they played the game years ago or are now just experiencing it for the very first time.”

They’ve worked with “key members” of the Master of Orion team to build on the personalities of the series’ races – who’ll populate a vast galaxy to explore and conquer. Expect pretty visuals “built from the ground up”, a revamped interface, and a score from the original game’s composer, David Govett.

Wargaming consider it a homecoming: they began in sci-fi with the turn-based Massive Assault wargames.

“Master of Orion is a game that brings Wargaming truly back to its roots, not only as a company but also in how it influenced my personal interest in both games and making them,” said Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi. “The series’ iconic gameplay has stood the test of time and working with NGD Studios to bring the series back to life is a truly exciting moment for the team.”

1993! That’s older than X-Com, just. Do you lot remember the best days of Microprose?