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Badgers, bears and birds: Might and Delight’s Meadow to launch this October


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that making friends is way better than killing people. Well, that’s what the judge made me say, anyway. Either way, it would appear developer Might and Delight agrees.

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The Swedish studio, which was behind survival effort Shelter and its follow up Shelter 2, has cast more light on its next releaseMeadow, which will take place in the Shelter universe but charge players with doing something rather different.

Rather than catching and killing foxes in order to feed your cubs, Meadow will task you with…well, making friends with all the other furry creatures living in the woods. The studio claims the world of Shelter will open up in Meadow “for the first time ever”, enabling players to freely explore its lands with buddies or, if so inclined, alone.

“We’re excited by the chance to once again revisit the world of Shelter. It also gives us an opportunity to reward fans and supporters of the franchise whilst creating an experience that brings people together,” offered Might and Delight COO Vic Bassey.

As a reward for loyal fans, owning the original game will unlock the ability to play as a badger. Similarly, owning Shelter 2 unlocks a lynx. Owning both games means you’ll be able to take on the bear cub from spin-off Paws, while owning all Shelter material period will unlock a bird. We clear?

“The Shelter games have tackled some pretty weighty subjects over the years, so it’s nice to be able to create an experience with an emphasis on pure fun. We have had a blast making it and hope fans enjoy playing it,” added CEO Anders Westin.

Meadow will launch on PC and Mac on October 26. You can find out more on the game’s swish and sexy website.