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Mechwarrior Online launch set for this summer; pre-order program nets you rare mechs


Mechwarrior Online is exceptionally good. Really, really good. And the game’s not even left beta yet. Though, with its launch later this summer fast approaching, developer Piranha Games have decided now’s the time to start teasing us with pre-order incentives.

They’re offering rare mechs with built-in perks. The perks include an increased rate of in-game currency acquisition and custom paint coats.

The pre-order mech packs come in a variety of flavours, ranging in price from $20 – 80. Each $20 jump nets you an extra limited edition mech. So to get all four of the pre-order mechs you’d need to pay the full $80. You also get two variants of each Mech, so essentially the $20 tier gets you three mechs and the $80 tier gets you 12.

The four mechs on offer are the Locust, a light mech which can reach particularly speedy top speeds; the Shadow Hawk, a medium mech; the Thunderbolt, a heavy mech; and, the Battlemaster, an assault mech that can go toe-to-toe with an Atlas.

Each mech has a permanent 30% C-Bill boost and 10% Loyalty Point boost.

While the game’s set to launch later this summer, you won’t actually gain access to your pre-order mechs until 15 October because of reasons.

You can find out more details on the pre-order packages here.