Mechwarrior Online now supports 12v12 matches. More boom for your battlefield


Mechwarrior Online’s beta already supplied a lot of boom for your free-to-play buck but Piranha Games have been working on a way to squeeze out a little more mech on mech action: 12v12 multiplayer.

Say goodbye to the poxy 8v8 matches (which were already a little bit excellent) and say hello to 24 mechs on the field, beating six shades of shit out of one another.

Aren’t video games great.

The 12v12 combat comes in the latest patch. It also brings some new trial mechs and a new hero mech, the Goldenboy.

Piranha provided all the details:

  • 12 vs. 12!

  • First Victory of the Day!

  • New Hero Mech! GOLDENBOY!

Not to mention:

  • New Trial Mechs!

  • New Gameplay Tuning!

  • New Champion Mech! (available for purchase Mid-August)


New Hero Mech

“Golden Boy” KTO-GB

  • Tonnage: 55

  • Engine: 220 XL

    • Top Speed: 64.8 kph

    • Max Engine Rating: 290

  • Torso Movement:

    • 90 degrees to each side.

    • 20 degrees up and down.

  • Arm Movement:

    • 20 degrees to each side.

    • 30 degrees up and down.

  • Armor: 368 (Standard)

  • Internal Structure: Standard

  • Weapons & Equipment:

    • Left Arm: SRM 6 x2, Medium Pulse Laser

    • Center Torso: SRM 4 x2

    • Right Torso: SRM 6

    • Right Arm: Medium Pulse Laser x2

  • Hardpoints:

    • Left Arm: 1 Energy, 2 Missile

    • Left Torso: 1 AMS

    • Center Torso: 2 Missile

    • Right Torso: 1 Missile

    • Right Arm: 2 Energy

  • Heat Sinks: 14 Double

  • Jump Jets: 0 (0 Max)

  • ECM Capable?: No

  • Module Slots: 2

  • Movement Archetype: Medium

  • 30% C-Bill Bonus

New Trial Champion Mech

Catapult CPLT-A1(C)

  • Tonnage: 65

  • Engine: 280 Standard

    • Top Speed: 69.8 kph

    • Max Engine Rating: 315

  • Torso Movement:

    • 120 degrees to each side.

    • 16 degrees up and down.

  • Arm Movement:

    • 0 degrees to each side.

    • 35 degrees up and down.

  • Armor: 394 (Ferro-Fibrous)

  • Internal Structure: Endo-Steel

  • Weapons & Equipment:

    • Left Arm: LRM 15, Streak SRM 2 x2

    • Right Torso: Beagle Active Probe

    • Right Arm: LRM 15, Streak SRM 2 x2

  • Hardpoints:

    • Left Arm: 3 Missile

    • Right Torso: 1 AMS

    • Right Arm: 3 Missile

  • Heat Sinks: 10 Double

  • Jump Jets: 0 (4 Max)

  • ECM Capable?: No

  • Module Slots: 2

  • Movement Archetype: Large

New Trial Mechs

  • Raven RVN-2X

  • Cicada CDA-3C

  • Catapult CPLT-A1(C)

  • Victor VTR-9K


  • 15% of critical damage dealt to an exposed ‘Mech component will now be directly applied to the internal structure of that component.

    • This is only applied to the critical damage done. Base weapon damage is not taken into account.

    • Critical damage is not applied through armor.

    • Armor must be reduced to 0% before any crit damage is applied to internals.

  • Large Pulse Laser duration reduced to 0.6 (down from 0.75)

  • Medium Pulse Laser duration reduced to 0.6 (down from 0.75)

  • ER Large Laser base heat reduced to 8.5 (down from 9.5)

  • PPC base heat increased to 9.0 (up from 8.0)

  • ERPPC base heat increased to 12.0 (up from 11.0)

  • SRM6 and 4 have a shared Max Alpha of 3. (SRM4s used to have a 4 threshold)

  • 12v12 gameplay is now in.

    • The 8-man queue is now replaced by a 12-man queue.

    • Players can launch in groups of 1,2,3,4,12. Numbers between 4-12 will be addressed when we get tonnage limits into the game.

    • CB rewards have been adjusted to compensate for the additional 4 players on the battlefield.

  • Assault mode base captures now take longer.

  • Conquest point captures now take longer.

  • Players should be aware that capping in Conquest mode takes longer now, and that it is often wise to pre-plan your routes to account for that.


  • Created low and medium spec optimized versions of weapon effects.

  • Removed ground level vegetation and debris in Forest Colony and Forest Colony Snow for low spec.

Bug Fixes

  • Added missing LOD’s to Quickdraw Battlemech.

  • Added missing LOD’s to Highlander Battlemech.


First Victory of the Day

  • The first time of each day you win a match for each ‘Mech variant (owned or trial), you will earn double the XP rewards at the end of the match

  • If one of your Mechs is eligible for the first victory bonus, it will be marked with an “XP x2” icon in its Mech Bay

  • Once you earn a first victory bonus with a ‘Mech, you can’t earn the bonus again for that ‘Mech until the eligibility resets at 12:00 AM UTC