A Witcher mod is in the works for Medieval 2: Total War

Toss a coin to your modder, and check out this WIP Witcher mod for Medieval 2

The Witcher Season 2 is all anyone’s talking about right now, but if you can’t wait for Henry Cavill’s Geralt to toss a coin back into your life, then this mod for Medieval II: Total War might help you pass the time. This total conversion is unsurprisingly titled Witcher: Total War, and is currently available to download via ModDB as Medieval II was released well before Steam Workshop integration was a thing.

It’s been going since December 2019, and so far they’ve only managed to work some Nilfgaard units into the game so far. The long-term goal is to have 30 playable factions, but in the most recent dev update the mod owners admit they will probably start with smaller campaigns with fewer factions, so they can get something out and into the hands of fans.

What about the White Wolf himself? Well apparently that’s still up for debate. Unlike newer Total War games, Medieval II never had hero units, and the creators are not sure whether to include him or not yet.

At best, you could create a general unit where the ‘general’ had a unique skin modelled on Geralt, but he’d still have to wander around with a posse of bodyguards as per the unit’s design.

Because of this, some have suggested that a Witcher mod for Total War: Warhammer II would be in order, but regardless work on the Medieval 2 Witcher mod continues apace. Medieval II was originally released in the distant past of 2006, and was actually developed by Creative Assembly’s short-lived Australian studio, Creative Assembly Australia (later, Sega Studios Australia).

At the time, the main UK office was hard at work developing the new engine and its next-generation strategy game, Empire: Total War. The Australian studio was shut down in 2013 as CA UK worked towards the release of Rome II: Total War.

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A ‘definitive edition’ for Medieval II was released in 2018 on Steam.