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Dead by Daylight devs reveal Judge Dredd-like Meet Your Maker

Dead by Daylight's development team, Behaviour Interactive, have announced the all-new first person building and raiding game, Meet Your Maker

meet your maker custodian runs through base with spike traps behind gim

As Dead by Daylight’s killer roster (literally) continues to expand, the development team at Behaviour Interactive are adding yet another creepy title to their arsenal of horror games: Meet Your Maker. A post-apocalyptic building and raiding game, it’ll be available in early access form as of late August.

Set amid the desolate plains of a world plagued by infectious disease, Meet Your Maker’s towering brutalist-style bases are eerily reminiscent of the 2012 film, Dredd.

The world around you has been obliterated, and the key to your survival (and possibly the survival of humanity as a whole) is the mysterious Chimera that you guard with your life. In order to keep it healthy, you’ll need to raid enemy bases to extract Genetic Material – or die trying.

The thing about those bases, though, are that they’re the product of other players’ imaginations, making them lethal to those who fail to keep their wits about them.

Sound like a good ol’ Friday night for you and your friends? Here’s everything you need to know about Meet Your Maker.

meet your maker game by behaviour interactive dead by daylight character stands looking at trap

Meet Your Maker Release date speculation

While we don’t have a set release date for Meet Your Maker other than 2023, players will be able to partake in a series of early playtests starting August 23.

Invites will be sent out weekly and are under strict NDA, and you can sign up to get involved via the game’s official website.

Meet Your Maker Platforms

Behaviour’s newest title will be available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as XBOX One and X|S.

Meet Your Maker gameplay and story

Meet Your Maker is a game that thrives on the sentiment ‘kill or be killed.’ Thrust into the shoes of the Custodian, the character who is tasked with taking care of the Chimera, you raid enemy bases for genetic material – either solo, or with a team.

Their inhabitants, however, are often raiding you back, so you’ll need devise a giant death trap to hold them off. Players can choose from a variety of life-ending instruments, like spike traps, bloodthirsty minions whose movement paths you control, and floating cubes of magma.

To avoid them, you can pick from a whole range of different tools, including everything from grenades to grapple guns. You spawn with a set amount of ammunition, though, so be sure to recover it when you can!

After a good day’s raid you will return to your own Sanctuary, where your Chimera lives and resident experts can upgrade your gear. Here’s where you check out who has raided your base, and how far they’ve gotten (skull banners mark their death positions). You can also plan your next venture by checking out the map.

As more information emerges, make sure you check back here for all of the latest news on Meet Your Maker!