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Long awaited World War II RTS revival finally announces launch date

Men of War 2, a World War II RTS in the vein of Company of Heroes 3 and Commandos 2, is finally set to come out in the near future.

Long awaited World War II RTS revival finally announces launch date: A soldier in a helmet, from Men of War 2.

Men of War 2 has been in the works for several years now. Replacing the hectic FPS gunfights of games like Call of Duty 2, Hell Let Loose, or Battlefield V with the further removed viewpoint of Company of Heroes 3 or even Commandos 2, the long awaited sequel is a new take on a series whose history dates back to the mid 2000s. Now, after war forced its Ukrainian creator Best Way to relocate its studio and delay their work, Men of War 2 finally has a launch date, which is, thankfully, quite soon.

Men of War 2 is a WW2 game with missions taking place in both the Western and Eastern Fronts of the war. Like its predecessors, its take on the RTS genre is notable in large part for the enormous detail put into its units, enemy AI, and in depth strategic combat. Players will be able to check out these systems through three story centered campaigns that put them in charge of Soviet leadership during the beginning of the Nazi invasion, an American commander in Normandy, and a retreating German officer at the end of the war in Europe.

Aside from these, Men of War 2 will feature larger ‘Conquest’ campaigns, shorter ‘Raids,’ multiplayer that ranges from 1v1 showdowns to grand 5v5 clashes, and the ability to play the narrative campaigns in co-op with groups of up to four other players. The game will also offer a Steam Workshop integrated toolset for making and playing mods.

If any of this sounds interesting, check out Men of War 2 when it comes out on Wednesday May 15.

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