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New Meta Quest 3 update wants you to play for longer

The extended battery feature coming to the Meta Quest 3, with the v59 update, can be toggled on and off from the power settings menu.

Image of a person wearing a Meta Quest 3 headset with a smile on their face.

The Meta Quest 3 is finally out for all to see, and while the brand-new headset is a worthy addition to the Quest lineup, its battery life is already proving to be an issue. Luckily, the first post-launch software update, update v59, is already on the horizon, rolling out a new battery option which will hopefully extend the playtime of your favorite games.

When it comes to some of the best VR headsets, like the Meta Quest 3, post-launch updates are a great way to reignite excitement in the latest hardware. Announced on the Meta blog, the new v59 software update has arrived for all owners of the latest addition to the flagship headset lineup, bringing with it a new way to extend your headset’s battery life and ways to communicate with your friends.

In this first post-launch update, Meta is introducing a new extended battery feature, which can be toggled on and off from the power settings menu. This addition provides you with the ability to prioritize the active battery life or the high performance of your Meta Quest 3 headset, so you can extend the playtime of your games as you see fit.

The v59 software update also brings with it the new ability to send images, use avatar stickers, and add reactions when messaging with your friends. This can be done through the Meta Quest App, whether you’re using it through the headset, or on your smartphone. There’s also a new activities tab, which is available to make it easier to connect with your friends when playing the best VR games together.

If you’re a streamer, Meta hasn’t forgotten about you either, as the v59 software update also enables the use of the YouTube Live Chat box through the headset. This addition makes it easier to seamlessly stream a VR game while interacting with your audience, yet it’s only available through early access. If you’re interested in seeing your YouTube Live chat box through the headset display, Meta is asking those interested to sign up using an early access interest form.

The v59 software update will be rolled out in the next few days, but a full list of all the brand-new additions will be available in the release notes on the Meta website.

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