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Metal Gear Online trailer will fulton extract all your doubts

Metal Gear Online

Just incase you were harbouring doubts about how well Metal Gear Solid could work as a big multiplayer game, Konami have pushed out a big 11-minute trailer for Metal Gear Online that’s brimming with brilliant features. As if fulton extraction on AI guards wasn’t already genius enough, you’ll soon be able to fulton enemy players. What’s more humiliating than being defeated by a balloon?

Metal Gear Online releases October 6th for anyone who owns Metal Gear Solid 5, and cleverly adapts a lot of MGS’s mechanics for multiplayer use. Capturing and interrogating enemies reveals the location of enemy players, buddying up with another player allows you to see their targets and share intel, and walkers become weapons platforms that can turn the tide if stolen from the enemy.

The trailer shows off the three classes of the game: Enforcer, Scout, and Infiltrator. The Enforcer is a tank-style class, with heavy armour and machineguns. The Scout is a long-range unit perfect for sniping and gathering intel at a distance. The Infiltrator is a close-up stealth class, great for takedowns and fulton extractions.

The mode demonstrated in the video is Bounty Hunter, where each player can increase their value by racking up kills. This makes players with big killstreaks incredibly valuable, and fulton extracting them will reward your team greatly.

Metal Gear Online looks genuinely quite excellent, and we’ll be able to see how well it lives up to the promise when it launches January 2016 on PC, a sad few months behind the console October 6th launch.